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Track WhatsApp Online and last seen of your loved ones. You can receive instant and push notifications. You can track the incomprehensible, even if you are disabled.

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With detailed reports, you can make WhatsApp tracking, WhatsApp last seen tracking, WhatsApp online tracking with fast and accurate notifications.
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What Makes OZYMOZ Different?

With 100% correct data flow, your track process starts as soon as possible. Again, you will receive the WhatsApp tracking notifications in the fastest way.

Push Notifications

Online and offline actions of the person you track are transmitted instantly. you never miss a move.

WhatsApp Tracker

You can do your WhatsApp tracking by adding unlimited numbers. You can track up even if you are disabled.


You will be completely hidden in your WhatsApp trackers. The other party does not understand in any way that you are tracking. You can use it safely.

User Friendly

Using OZYMOZ is very easy to add numbers and leave the rest to OZYMOZ. It does your WhatsApp tracking for you.


There are settings in OZYMOZ's settings page where you can turn off notifications or notification sounds that you do not want to receive.

Accurate Notifications

You will receive the most accurate and fastest notifications. You will be notified instantly in your WhatsApp tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tracking are the answers to your questions about WhatsApp tracking, WhatsApp last seen tracking.
You can use OZYMOZ for 3 hours free without any restrictions. Your 3-hour free trial period starts with your first notification. We also distribute promotional codes from time to time. We send in the form of notifications through the application. Please keep our application installed at all times. You can follow WhatsApp tracking, WhatsApp online tracking and WhatsApp last seen tracking for free.
Yes, it does not matter that you are disabled in OZYMOZ’s WhatsApp tracking. OZYMOZ always follows 7/24 and sends you notifications.
No! Your WhatsApp tracking processes are not in any way information of the other party. He does not understand that he is being followed.
You can add unlimited numbers to OZYMOZ.
Yes, in OZYMOZ, the last time you see it is written next to the number you added on the homepage. Here you can see the last view of the person you are following.

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* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5

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